Selasa, 31 Juli 2018

an Astral Creature Named Kuntilanak

     The night was so peaceful & quiet, very quiet, not for the sound of a dog's howl or even the sound of a bat's wings. Until one day suddenly the wind blowing came stroking the right grove of bamboo trees across the front window of the house, while it was almost at the same time the door of the room began to move quietly open, I thouhgt the night breeze that came a moment is quite strong enough, (although in fact open door not caused by wind factor). Soon I began to feel saturated with the atmosphere of the room and then I started to get out of bed to get out of the bedroom to watch television whose room is located in front of this bedroom. Did not wait long after I sat down in front of the flat tv that was on the wall of the house & immediately I turned on the tv to start watching tv shows. Not too long while I was fun again watching the tv show I felt like I noticed from the right side of the back of the bedroom door (which was already in a somewhat closed position) to be exact, for a moment I get my face rather spin my back towards the back pay attention to the bedroom / bedroom door, & for a moment I started watching an astral creature named kuntilanak & intend to show / reveal his existence.
Lubang Buaya, 2015.